Anouk Gommans

Managing director of CPI

I enjoy working on result-focused initiatives and projects in which collaboration plays a key role. At CPI, we develop a variety of innovations, plans and ideas!

I have a background in Business Management and HRM. The last 15 years, I worked as a director/manager of organisations with a social objective; of which the last 5 years as director of MULTIsignaal and since May 2014 as the director of CPI. We work in different teams and compositions and we are all focused on (continued) development, for our clients as well as for our staff, and for CPI!
Gert-Paul van't Hoff

Gert Paul van ‘t Hoff

I am the CPI contact for new initiatives. I like to engage in talks on new initiatives with social relevance and, together with the client, I try to come up with solutions that are similar to our earlier, existing initiatives.

I am proud of the shared fellowship and commitment to achieve the targets of our organisation and our clients.

Lianne Verschiere

Rene Rentinck

René Rentinck


My role at CPI is divers. I am involved in innovations such as HorecaDNA as well as in international initiatives.

What makes working at CPI interesting to me, is that we are continually dealing with change. Changes in the interface between government, citizens and companies. We contribute to a domain in which people with different interests can benefit from collaborating with others.

Ron de Bruijn

Acting as a liaison, my duty is to bring people together around the concepts of CPI, often at the start of a project. I undertake to connect the interests of all participants, in order to get initiatives started. This involves employees of clients and suppliers and, of course, my colleagues. What makes working at CPI interesting is the nature of the projects: socially relevant, highly diverse, many stakeholders, great people, time constraints, limited budgets. I am proud of our achievements!
Nicolette Rooimans

Nicolette Rooimans


As a consultant, my role is to implement digital innovations like the MULTIsignaal Reference Index in the public domain. Additionally, as a Security Officer, I am responsible for the security policy and conservation of the ISO certificates.

This can only be achieved in cooperation with inspiring colleagues and clients. Together, we work hard to make the world a better place. That is what makes working at CPI so special!
Marianne van Heemst

Marianne van Heemst


I have been working for CPI as an Office Manager since 2012. In addition to my regular office and HR duties, I take care of the website and newsletters. At CPI, we are continually working on new projects, to which we can contribute our ideas. This makes the work highly varied. One moment we are brainstorming about a new application and the next I am arranging a meeting for the MULTIsignaal users’ organisation. We are a small team of dedicated colleagues and we are all highly involved. Together, we try to make a valuable contribution to society. That is what makes my job special.
Sandra van der Flaes

Sandra van der Flaes

I work at CPI as one of the Office Managers.

Because of the wide variety of initiatives and projects that are being handled under CPI, as an Office Manager, I need to be able to work in different areas, which ensures that the work is always interesting and challenging.

All staff at CPI are valued equally, irrespective of their position, and encouraged to contribute their ideas on how to further improve internal and external processes and services. Collegiality and client-friendliness go without saying, just as our daily commitment to all our initiatives and projects.
Marcel Zwager

Marcel Zwager

In my role as a Functional Application Manager, I am responsible for supporting users with their various questions and queries – mainly second-line queries – as well as for everything concerning testing our applications. I think it is important that the applications we deliver are user-friendly and of high quality. The team working at CPI is young, ambitious and committed. Working at CPI is interesting and challenging due to the wide variety of products and clients and our commitment to providing high-quality and excellent services!

Daniëlle Burema

As a Functional Application Manager I handle first-line as well as second-line activities. Additionally, I am involved in the development and management of the websites, the newsletter application and the content for the newsletters.

At CPI we develop versatile products, which involves frequent adjusting and offers lots of opportunities for my own creativity and ideas. Everything we create and develop is done with community interest at heart. CPI is versatile organisation, which is what makes working at CPI so great!
Robin Meertens

Robin Meertens

Young, innovative and ambitious, just like CPI and that is what makes working for this organisation special. My role within the Functional Application Management Team is coordinating first-line queries and performing second-line activities. This role is varied and challenging, which is why I enjoy my job.
Tom Scherpenisse

Tom Scherpenisse

I have been working for CPI as a Functional Application Manager since 2009. One of my duties is to provide technical client support for the various applications for which we provide management. What makes working for CPI interesting is that CPI is an energetic, dynamic and innovative company that brings great initiatives for the public sector to the market, nationally as well as internationally!
Rosanne de Bakker

Rosanne de Bakker

Other initiatives

“Groeien is nu doen, wat je later kan”

Ruben van den Bosch